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Arctic slings Army type

Arctic slings Army type

At long last the holy grail of collectible L1A1 eqpt.
I have both types pattern 1 & 2. The Sterling clasp is Pttn 1 and HK carabiner pttn2.
Some storage corrosion but will clean easily NSN and dated 1970 read more

Code: 20119

105.00 GBP

L1A2 pre 1960 bayonets

L1A2 pre 1960 bayonets

Some unissued but all in excellent condition.
A very scarce bayonet as the majority were all converted to L1A3 spec. Choice of a dozen ! read more

Code: 20126

185.00 GBP

Alternative  SUIT sights L22-AR1

Alternative SUIT sights L22-AR1

Imperials very own Alternative suit sights. Made with genuine SUIT optics at half the price of a genuine SUIT. 2 x types of mount available. Top covers. Are additional . See listings.
A genuine scope for your live , deact or Airsoft L1A1 read more

Code: 20125

395.00 GBP

Full length top covers

Full length top covers

Item 35. I have a varied stock of these , with both Enfield and BSA markings. I can send images of these if required. Getting hard to come by, and dwindling !
I also have fn top covers as an alternative, but these do not have tabs, .still fit L1A1 though. A cheaper alternative at £95.00 read more

Code: 20059

110.00 GBP

SUIT sight top covers made with fn cover

SUIT sight top covers made with fn cover

Item 39. A cheaper alternative to an original L1A1 SUIT mount. Still works fine on an L1A1, but cheaper! read more

Code: 20061

180.00 GBP

L1A3 bayonets

L1A3 bayonets

A good selection of L1 bayonets and scabbards available, some early ones modded to L1A3 spec.
Also spare scabbards available, to fit L1A3, No5; No7 & No9 bayonets. £49.95 read more

Code: 20123

175.00 GBP

30 round L4 / L1A1 magazines.

30 round L4 / L1A1 magazines.

Excellent to mint condition, these mags fit the L1A1 rifle and the L4A4 LMG. Marked with Enfield and superb. Please email me for postage costs read more

Code: 20082


Plastic butt plates.

Plastic butt plates.

I have short , medium and long. Out of stock of extra long.
Screw and plugs plastic available in other listings here.
Screws are item60 @ £6.00
Plugs are item 59 @ £ 6.00. read more

Code: 20074

63.50 GBP

Arctic butt plate retaining  screw and buffer washer

Arctic butt plate retaining screw and buffer washer

Yet another very scarce item for the Arctic butt.
These are a very wide button head screw that takes the place of the standard screw reacting butt plate.
I have limited quantities avaiable read more

Code: 20117

29.95 GBP

Arctic butt sling loop assemblies

Arctic butt sling loop assemblies

These are extremely hard to find items. New, with broad arrow mark, they are complete with keeper screw, screws retaining and butt spacer.
I have very limited quantities
£59.50 read more

Code: 20116

59.50 GBP

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